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2020 May 12: The Rose Umbrella

The Rose Umbrella

As the story goes, The Rose Umbrella is a former priestess who wanders the fields of forgotten souls, the space between life and death. She collects the lost spirits as she walks, giving shelter from a world of abandonment. When recovered, the souls are released to flourish in perfection. A rose.

In an ancient telling, however, it is said The Rose Umbrella is a demon that feeds on the souls of the forgotten dead. As she harvests the souls it is said she has no need for blood... and so the roses fall as she makes her away across the fields of battle.

That last one couldn't be true though, right?


Image is based on a recurring dream. I've had this dream multiple times since news of the pandemic and quarantine arose, and always awaken with a sense of dread despite the beauty in what I'm seeing. There's something just beneath the surface.

Created in Adobe Fresco with touch-ups in Adobe Photoshop.


Check it out on ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/i/IB0B41PHAZ

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