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Janessa Broadbridge on Twitter

“✨Art Raffle for 100 followers!✨

Hello, everyone! ❤ As requested, I'm doing another #artraffle! Anyone may enter. 😃

To enter:
⭐ RT this post (not quote RT)
⭐ Follow or already be following me
⭐ Comment/Share something positive!

⭐ Sunday May 24th”

100 Follower Art Raffle on Twitter

I'm running another raffle on Twitter in celebration of getting 100(!) followers. (How did this happen!?) The draw is this Sunday, May 24th -- check it out if you want some free art like these! :D

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2020 May 12: Raffle Prize for Lucipop_90

My art raffle ended in late April, and this month I get to work on getting those raffle prizes ready for the winners!

Two down, one to go! ;3

This one is for Lucipop_90 on Twitter, of their blood elf from World of Warcraft. Her name is Velariah. This one was a challenge! Armour is especially tricky, and I definitely need more practice in this area. Studying is ahead! :D

Image created using Adobe Photoshop and Fresco.


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